Aug 8, 2019

Wedding dolls

Simple felt dolls are dressed in wedding costumes.
Dolls in wedding dresses

Doll's body

About doll making, refer to these logs. Yes, she was Little Red Riding Hood.

When I made this boy doll, I used the same pattern. But lengthened only the leg 1 centimeter.
Dolls bodies
Girl is 26 centimeter tall. Boy is 27 centimeters.

Back style

Girl's hair

If you like wavy hair, plait the yarn and iron out with steam. Unravel the braids a few days after.
Wavy hair

Wedding dolls

Doll stand

These dolls can stand, but rather unstable.
A ready-made stand may not fit for them.
I recommend to make a stand by your hands.

Paste several pieces of cardboard. Each cardboard is a rectangle of 30cm × 40cm.

Glue white paper on the top and side.
White paper

Place cloth on the board. I used silver polyester satin.
Pierce aluminum wires into the board.
Cloth and wire

Bend the ends of wires on the back, then tape them.

Glue another cardboard on the back. Glue the edge of cloth.
Glue cloth

The wires are clumsy. Don't worry. They will be hidden.
Size of the stand

Put the taller wire in boy's trouser. Hold girl's legs with another wire.

Wedding dolls back style

Dolls on the stand.
Standing dolls

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Isabel Ruiz said...

Muy bonito!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see a new post. I happened upon your site about two years ago and made the panda plush (it was a BIG hit with friends).

Can't wait to see what else you post in the future!

( the below is google translated, so please forgive any errors )
( 以下はGoogle翻訳されているため、エラーはご容赦ください )

新しい投稿を見てうれしいです。 私は約2年前にあなたのサイトで偶然に出会い、パンダのぬいぐるみを作りました(友達と大ヒットしました)。


Jane said...

You are amazing!