May 6, 2013

Body finish

Put together the body, legs and arms of simple felt doll.

Sew the middle of the bottom of the body with a thick thread.
Body and leg

Stitch the legs to the body.
Attach leg

Legs attached

Insert the wire of arm into the shoulder. Stitch the arm.
Attach arm

Stitch arm

Insert the stick into the head. Stitch the neck to the head with a thick thread.
Stitch neck

Make 2 bunches of yarn.
Hair yarn

Sew the hair of front and back to the top of head.
Stitch yarn
Put the side hair on the front and back hair. Sew it to the head at the middle.
Glue the hair to the head.

Doll finished
26 centimeter tall.

This doll is the same type as Little Wedding Dolls and Santa Claus.


Anonymous said...

This doll Looks woderfull. Thank you for sharing.

villy said...

Thanks for grea tutorial, Rino!
I like so much your doll!

Kelsie said...

I just made a doll off this pattern and love her! Thanks so much for sharing!

average Joan said...

HI, is there anything special you do make her stand on her own?

Anonymous said...

Thank you , Runo. A lovey doll and simple to make with your very clear patterns and instructions. Really kind of you to share that.Much appreciated.

Unknown said...

Many thanks

Unknown said...

What stitches do you use to attach the limbs and head to the body? It's a lovely pattern. I just got a new sewing machine and want to try it out.

Runo said...

Used ladder stitches at the head. About limbs I don't know the name of stitch.

Unknown said...

Hi Runo. I absolutely adore your doll! Do I have to stitch the neck of the doll closed before attaching the head to it?

Runo said...

You can attach the opened neck to the head.

> Do I have to stitch the neck of the doll closed before attaching the head to it? said...

Thank you so so much for sharing

Asuman AKYILDIZ said...

Thank you very very much for sharing such beautiful dolls, and pass your valuable experience to us. All of them are beautiful.

Deborah said...

I can’t wait to make one or two of these. Starting on Christmas soon for next year 2021.