May 13, 2013

Paper basket

Why not weave a small basket?

Material is thin and strong paper (30 centimeter square). Japanese paper is good.
Divide it in twelve.

Make a long tape with glue.

Twist the tape. A tape of 30 cm will be 26-27 cm cord.

Cut off 3 bases. A base is 13 cm. Also the end of the longer cord is a base and a handle.

Now I change the color of bases to show the process clearer.
Start weaving


The bases don't spread uniformly.

Weave the side.

Cut the excess of the bases except 2. Glue the ends of the bases to the top line of the basket. Glue both ends of 2 bases. It is a handle.
Cut bases

Wind the handle with the cord.
Make the handle

Wind the edge of the basket with the rest of cord. Glue the end of the cord to inside.

Diameter is 4.5 centimeters.

When increasing the bases, it will be strong a little.
11 bases

Basket and handle

Glue the handle.
Wind the handle

Basket with lid

Baskets of various colors

Paper basket is rough and weak. It's only an accessory for doll.
Doll with the basket

If using a ready-made cord, you will make stronger one easily.


eska said...

It's so beautiful!!!! Congratulations and thanks so much for the patterns and instructions.

free style creating by Villy said...

These are so prety!
look and my baskets
have a nice week!!!

Zdolność-tworzenia said...

Super pomysł!!!

Verna said...

This is cool!

:D said...

THANK YOU! A lovely doll with nice attention to detail of the clothing. The eyes add so much personality. Your work is beautiful and you explain things very clearly. Impressive.