Aug 27, 2009

Paper flower

Before I made tissue roses.
And someone wrote "Teach me how to make."

Tissue rose is easy to make.

Cut 16 rectangles of tissue paper.
Roll 2 corners of each sheet.
Tissue paper

Roll a sheet and twist the bottom. The rolled corner is outside.
The first petal

Wrap it softly with another.

Tissue rose

Another paper flower, peony.
The paper must be thicker than tissue.

Fold 7-8 sheets of paper like an accordion.
(I used 4 sheets. More is gorgeous.)
Tie its middle with a rubber band.
Spread each sheet.

Fold paper
Tie the middle

You may cut the edge zigzag.

If you spray water color, it will be more beautiful.
Color flowers

Aug 21, 2009

Mini cat

Tiny and flat felt cats. 5 centimeters. They can't stand.
Minicats of felt

They are easy to make.

Cut felt each 2 pieces without seam allowance.

Sew around with blanket stitch.

Put polyester fiberfill a little in it.
Stuffed and painted

If you need, paint it with a pen for cloth.
Glue eyes of felt, and stitch beads.
Sew the whiskers.
Attach the head to the body.
With strap
The strap is ready-made goods.

You may stitch or paint the features.

Gray cat relax Tabby Nevy blue cat

Manekineko is traditional lucky charm in Japan.

Cat pattern