Jan 8, 2008

Mini dog

Tiny Jack Russell terrier of felt. About 4 centimeters.
Mini dog

Pattern of mini dog

Cutting. It needs seam allowance (3 millimeters), except ears.

Sew the head and the body. (j-i)
Sew head

Sew the middle of the body. (a-b, i-h, g-f)
And sew the crown to the head. (i-j-a-j-i)
Sew crown

Sew the speckle of the back. (h-g-h)
Sew back

Sew the belly to the body.
Sew belly

Turn inside out.

Stuff polyester fiberfill.
Close the opening (k-l) with ladder stitch.

Embroider the nose and the mouth.
Attach beads for eyes.
Eyes and nose

Sew the ear to the head.

Sew the tail. Turn inside out.
Sew tail

Stitch the tail to the hip.
Attach tail

This article was renewed November, 2013.


Frances said...

He's delightful. Can't wait to make him. Thanks.

Ku said...


Shanna said...

I love your work, it's beautiful. I can't wait to begin some new projects. Thank you for your inspiration :)

BopBop said...

Very cute puppy! I want to make one for my dad! He loves jack russels! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

As a young sewer i really love your creations.Thank you for sharing them with many people. I love Jack Russel dogs!! He is just adorable! XD

Tsukiko said...

this dog is very cute. wai~!

i love your work, it is always well done and fun to make! i love how the patterns are available to print.

Anonymous said...

It is very cute, but I formated on to MS paint and made it a little bigger. I love it! Next time I will try to make an "original" sized Jack Russel. Thanks for sharing!:P

Anonymous said...

I Wish there were a more detailed version since my daughter wants to try it, but she printed it out and she is trying it as i speak. thanks. really cute dog. <3 Claire

Ginger said...

What absolutely adorable dog !
Thank you so much for the tutorial.

soph said...

How hard was this if you are an inexperienced seamstress? It is great.

Anonymous said...

La verdad quede encantada con todos los muñequitos. Son hermoso!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow such a cutie! im makin a gift for my mom's b day!

Anonymous said...

Uhh.. Could you please lable the pieces? Thank You. Very cute by the way.

Anonymous said...

I really want to make him, thank you so much for posting this up.

tein said...

hi, i'd love to make this dog, but the pattern seems to be offline, can you put it back maybe? thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering which computer program you use to create your sewing patterns. Care to share?

Very cute by the way!

Thank you

Doggy Dish said...

I really enjoy reading through your puppy blog! Please keep updating it frequently!

Anonymous said...

Hi, your dog is great. I'm going to try and adapt it and make it a corgie(bit late for Kate but I've always wanted one). Your 3d bird is fabby and the dolphin is cute. The dolls looks so simple too, I think I shall do super hero ones. Your site is full of so many inspirational ideas. Keep up the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

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Momma J said...

I just made him using fleece scraps I had laying around and I think he turned out great for my first attempt at something so small! I think fleece would be a great cheap alternative to suggest!

Anonymous said...

He's so cute thanks you!

jellyfish said...

so cute! im ten and im making this 4 my mom's b-day

The Sunshine Sisters said...

I am am making this for my little sister. It is turning out great! It is looking like a stuffed dog I got for Build-a-Bear about 6 years ago!

Anonymous said...


IrregularPerson said...

I thought it was absurd that it was 5 cm, but after printing it out I just went to it. Totally didn't notice that I was suppose to resize is! LOL. The pattern is amazing but I ought to look at things more. (I tried resizing it on Paint but I forgot how to Print for there.)

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Do you have a pattern for a papillon dog?

EmoFox said...

You’re amazing

Anonymous said...

So cute! I'm going to make as soon as I can!