May 9, 2012

Black panther

Stuffed leopard of short haired far.

I wanted to post the instructions of this.
But it is hard to show the detail of black material.
So I made spotted leopard.

How to make stuffed leopard.

Panthers and cats are almost the same about making.

May 4, 2012


Stuffed dinosaur. Its length is 18 centimeters.
Pink stegosaur

This work is boring, but not difficult.

Cut out every parts without seam allowance.

Fold the root of a leg and sew the dart with back stitch from inside.
The belly

Fold the bony plate of the back and sew 1 millimeter inside.
This process makes the plates stand.
Sew the plate
Bony plates

Sew the back to the body from outside.
Sew the body
Sew the plate

Sew the belly to the body.

Stuff polyester fiberfill in the body, legs and spikes. But the bony plates are empty.
Stuff and close

Attach the eyes.


Green stegosaur.
2 stegosaurus

Stegosaurus pattern.
Stegosaur pattern
Stegosaurus pattern

If you make monocolor one, use 40 × 40 (centimeter) felt.