Dec 14, 2009

Doll clothes

Other clothes for small felt dolls.

Mini doll in kimonoBack style
I printed flower patterns on kimono with handmade seal and Ceramcoat (acrylic).


Girl in one-piecePurple dress.

When patching 2 sheets of felt, it needs seam allowance at one side (e.g. yoke, border, or stand collar). The seam allowance is 1/10 inch.

Pattern girl

How to sew kimono.

Dec 12, 2009

Pattern seller

I received a message about someone selling my pattern.

Wendy wrote :
I just saw someone on selling the pattern for your mini Santa and Reindeer. Here is the link to the shop:

The seller's name is fairyfox.

I just thought you should know, because it is not fair that someone should ask money for something that you have been generous enough to give away for free.

I saw that page and I too think it is unfair.
But this case may be one of many.
Anyone can sell things picked up on the web. It is easy.
But it will bring him into disrepute.

I expect social conscience correct and punish sly people.

My mini Santa is here.
Mini SantaMini Santa of felt.