Nov 5, 2013

Flat polar bear

Simple and easy making.

Flat polar bear

Cutting. Seam allowance is not necessary.

Stitch the eye and the ear (on one side or both sides).
Eye and ear

Sew around from outside.

Put a very little fiberfill in it.

Stitch the nose.
Stitch safety pin.

Baby bear.
Baby bear strap

Sew around. Sew a short cord at the top.

Put fiberfill in it.
Stitch the neck.

Embroider the nose on the muzzle.
Glue the muzzle to the face.
Sew small beads.

Pattern of flat bears

How to make big polar bear and baby bear.
Mother bear and babies

Nov 3, 2013

Mini polar bear

Polar bear of felt.
7.5 centimeters in height.
Polar bear accessory

Mini polar bear pattern

Seam allowance is 3 millimeters.
But ears don't need seam allowance.
If you would make ears strong, paste up 2 pieces.
Polar bear cutting

Insert the ear in the dart of the head and sew together (k-l-m).
Sew another dart (b-c).
Sew darts

Sew the back with back-stitch (a-n-k-j and i-h). Don't sew the opening (j-h).
When sewing the top, you may insert a short cord.
Sew back

Sew the middle of the belly (o-p).
Sew belly

Sew the belly to the body.
Sew body

Turn inside out.
Stuff polyester fiberfill in it.
Close the opening with ladder stitch.

Stitch beads.
Embroider the nose and the mouth.
Polar bear face

Color the muzzle with eyeshadow or pastel.
Mini polar bear

Stuffed polar bears (Mother bear and cubs).
Polar bear family

I used backstitch mainly.