Oct 26, 2012

Mini panda

Flat mini panda of felt. For phone accessory. 5-6 cm.

The pattern includes seam allowance.

Glue the ears to the head, and legs to the body.
Glue eye patches on the face. Attach 2 beads. Stitch the nose.

Stitch the legs where glued.

Stitch around the body and legs.

Put polyester fiberfill a little.

Fold the tail and sew it to the back.

Stitch around the ears and the head.

Put the neck between the chin. Stitch them together.

Put polyester fiberfill into the head.
Attach a strap if you need.

Colorful pandas.

Ordinary panda. Panda in love. Panda drunken. Panda with jealousy. Panda surprised.

Cut of felt

Felt is convenient and cheap material. I like to make felt goods.

It may be difficult to cut a small piece.
Felt does not fray, but the edge is fragile.
I don't think there is a shortcut.

This is one of methods I do. It's rather good, but not very easy.

Draw or print all pieces of pattern on thin paper.
Cut them with margin. Make 1 or a few holes in each piece.

Stick it to felt with scotch tape.

Cut paper, tape and felt together. Remove tape and paper.

Oct 24, 2012

Small panda

A stuffed giant panda of suede cloth (polyester). 9 centimeters.

Two-tone animal needs a lot of components. It may not be fit for beginners or hasty persons to try.

When cutting, add seam allowance (3 - 5 mm).

Sew the ears. Turn inside out.
Put an ear on F-E, and sew the head and neck. (F-E-D-C)
D-C is longer than D-C´. Gather it up.

Sew the neck, foreleg, body and leg.
Sew the dart of the hip. (N-O)

Sew the right and left of the body. (H-I-M and A-B) Unsew the back. (M-N)
Sew the crown to the head. (H-F-G-A-G-F-H)

Sew the throat, inside forelegs, belly and inside legs.

Sew the belly to the body. (N-P-Q-L-K-J-C-B-C-J-K-L-Q-P-N)
Fold the tail and sew it.

Turn inside out.
Attach the tail to the hip with ladder stitch.

Stuff polyester fiberfill in it. Close the back.

Embroider the mouth.
Glue the eye patches and the nose. Attach the eyes.

If you use fur fabric, it will be fatter.
The smaller one is 50 % size.


More pandas.

Panda apron.
Panda pouch.
Panda cookies --- manufactured goods.