Jan 26, 2010

Cat bag

Small bag of lying cat.
Lying cat pouch

Cut cloth. Add seam allowance.

Sew up each part except the opening.

Attach fastener (20cm) and strap to the outer pouch.
Turn inside out.

Stuff polyester fiberfill a little in the head.
Close the opening with ladder stitch.
Embroider the eyes, the nose and whiskers.
Cat face

Sew the head and the hind leg to the body. This leg becomes a pocket.

Sew the end of the tail to the body.
Sew the lining to the fastener.


Jan 25, 2010

Cat pouch

Cloth pouch in cat shape.
Black cat pouch

Materials are cloth for surface and lining, 15 centimeter fastener, felt for eyes, and strap.
Cut cloth added seam allowance.
Parts of pouch

Make features by applique and embroidery.

Sew the outer pouch. Put the ends of a strap between ears. You may omit strap.
Attach a fastener.
Sew the lining pouch.
2 pouches
If you want thickness, sew the corner of the bottom.

Sew up both allowance roughly and partially. You may omit.
Seam allowance

Attach liner

Turn inside out.
If you like, attach a pompom to the hip.
Whip the lining to the fastener.