Apr 24, 2010


Hand-painted zebra. 7 centimetres.
Stuffed zebra

Refer to elephant about sewing.

Ears, tail, hoofs and mane.
Ears and so on
Glue 2 sheets of felt and cut out a circle. This is a hoof.
Ears are almost the same as hamster's.
Wind a white thread (double) on the upper of a bunch of black threads. It's a tail.
The mane is black and white threads (see pattern image).

Sew the neck and the mane.
Sew the neck

Sew beads as eyes.
Glue hoofs to the legs after stuffing.
Glue the hoof

I use oily felt-tip pen and dye pen for painting.
Paint zebra

Attach the tail and the ears.

Zebra back

Zebra pattern

Apr 18, 2010


Small stuffed elephant of felt. 6 centimetres.
Stuffed elephant


This is all hand-sewn.
Cut the parts without seam allowance.
Felt pieces

Darts are sewn from inside.
Sew darts

Other seams are sewed outside.
Sew the head

Sew the soles.

You may put a wire wrapped with cotton batting in the nose.

Tail and tusk.
Sew tail and tusk

Stitch beads as eyes. Attach the tusks.
Sew the wrinkles of nose.
Eyes and tusk
Then attach ears.

Elephant pattern

If you are not a novice, add seam allowances and sew from inside.
It may look better and be strong.