Dec 21, 2013

Cat scarf

Why not wrap your neck in a long-bodied cat?
Cat scarf
Soft and thick fabric is good.
This is 160 centimeter length.
You will make one in any length.

Embroider the eyes, nose and whiskers.

Sew up except the opening. (Head 5 centimeters and body 10 cm.)

Turn inside out.
Close the opening with ladder stitch.
Stitch the toe with woolen yarn.
Stitch paw

The tail is a circle of 12 cm dia.
Sew  tail
Pull the thread.

Sew the tail and head to the body.
Sew 1 cm inside from the face line.

This is white and black cat.
The eyes and nose are applique of felt.
Another scarf

Attach Velcro to a short scarf.
Bicolor scarf


Dec 19, 2013

Pincushion clings

This is just a simple pincushion.

But it has a sucking-disc.

So it is attachable on a sewing machine.
Sewing machine

Materials are cloth, felt, paper, sucking-disc and filling.

Dec 11, 2013

Cat variation

I have uploaded "how to make bicolor cat" on my site.

Making this is not very easy.
But it is a basic cat.
When you did well, next time, try to alter the partition by your own.
And you will make your original cat.


Bib and snow shoes.
Socks cat

Long hair.
American curl

Super long hair.
Norwegian Forest Cat

3 cats