Dec 6, 2014

Wedding cats

In my country, we call the dolls placed on the information desk of the wedding party "welcome dolls".
Sometimes Barbie in wedding dress stands with Ken.
A few couples order the dolls which are like them.
Four persons bought Runo's bridal dolls.

Lots of people love the stuffed animals decorated with flowers and ribbons.
Various animals can be welcome dolls.
Welcome dolls in book

Only tie and veil are OK.
Veil and tie
This bow tie is ribbon with elastic tape.

With necklace and bouquet.
Wedding cats

If making clothes, they are very simple.

This is a skirt like apron.
Wrap the waist and tie the ribbon at the front.
Cloth and ribbon

Jacket or cape of felt.
Cape pattern

Cut out 2 pieces. Add seam allowance only the back.
Cape cutting

Sew up the back. (c-d) Notch on the c.
Sew back

And sew up the collar from outside. (a-b-c)
Sew collar

Fold the collar. (e-b-e)
Put on the cat, and sew the front with beads or buttons.
Put on

A veil with beads.

Gray cat and pink cat

These cats are simple, so making is easy.

Tutorial >> How to make simple cat.