Apr 1, 2013


Small stuffed squirrel of felt. About 7 centimeters in height.
Squirrel of felt

Squirrel has a nut

Pattern of the squirrel.

Pieces. No seam allowance.

Sew the darts of the cheeks and the belly with back stitch. Darts are sewn from inside.
Sew darts

Sew the crown to the head from outside.
Sew head

Sew the belly to the body.
Sew body

Put wires in the legs.
Stuff fiberfill in it.

Stitch the nose. It is the same as the rabbit's.
Attach the eyes.
Nose and eyes

Sew the ears. Fold the ear and sew it to the head.
Sew ears
Attach ears

Sew the tail. Put fiberfill in it. Sew it to the hips.

If you sew all from inside, add seam allowance.
Sew inside

Stripes are painted with a felt-tip pen.

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