Dec 24, 2007

Pine cone

Xmas trees on cups

Glue colorful beads on a pine cone. It becomes tiny Christmas tree.
Big and symmetrical cone is better.

Dec 17, 2007


Stuffed ferret, 25 centimetre length and 13 cm height.
Furry coat of creme and chocolate, with felt nails.

This is a trial-made ferret.
I think the face and body should be longer.
But the shorter is pretty.

I haven't seen a genuine ferret. But I've seen a lot of books about ferrets.
Generally, a ferret's face seems to be round at the front, and sharp in the profile.

Dec 16, 2007

Origami dog

Origami is traditional craft in Japan.
A piece of paper becomes various things.
Most children know how to make a paper crane.

A dachshund of strong paper.

We can put light things in its back.

There are lot of origami books, but they are difficult to try.

Nov 18, 2007

Mouse pincushion

In Chinese calendar, 2008 is mouse year. We send the New Year's cards which were decorated with the picture of mice.

Why not make felt mouse?

Cutting. The tail and ears don't need seam allowance.

Sew the tail. You may use a cord as the tail.

Sew the back.
Sew body

Sew up the body and bottom.
Put thick paper into the body.
Stuff and close.

Sew eyes with beads. Stitch whiskers.

Glue or stitch the ears to the head.
Mouse pincushion


Nov 9, 2007

Santa Claus

Mini Santa Claus doll and reindeer of felt.
Hand-stitched and glued.

Mini Santa

Pattern and process is this page ... Mini Santa.

Nov 2, 2007

Mickey Mouse

Felt mascot of Mickey Mouse. 9.5 centimetres.
It cannot stand.
The making process is the same as Stitch.

I sewed it. But I suspect the merit on making such thing.
It takes much time, and doesn't look so good until getting skills.
Moreover, we can buy cheaper and better goods at a Disney shop.

Its tail is a thread.

Oct 23, 2007


Hand-stitched felt mascot, Stitch.

This has flat body. 10 centimetres.
I got the pattern from a book. I don't have copyright.

Oct 21, 2007

Pumpkin pincushion

Jack-o'-lantern pincushion of felt.
Pumpkin pincushion

The pattern is slimmer than snowman.
Use 6 pieces.

Sew up 2 front pieces.
Patch a small piece at every hole of eyes and mouth and stitch around.
Make face


Make a globe with 6 pieces. Turn inside out and stuff polyester fiberfill in it. Close the opening.

Stitch and pull the center with a thick thread.

Roll a green piece of felt and stitch it on the crown. This is a stem.

If you think holes are difficult, make applique.
Jack-o'-lantern pincushion

Oct 19, 2007

Jaffa cake

Once I visited London.
I had heard that there is not delicious food in England.
I didn't think it was truth. I found Jaffa cakes.

In my country, it is difficult to get Jaffa cakes.
Perhaps I can buy one at an import shop, but it must be high.
And I need to diet.

I made Jaffa and cookies of felt, eat them by eyes.

Oct 12, 2007

Weak knife

The other day, I tried to remove a core (stalk?) of a cabbage.
I stuck a kitchen knife into the cabbage. When I pulled it out, I saw the tip of the edge disappeared.
I could not find the fragment after all. Is it in my stomach?
Anyway a tip of knife is not so necessary for cooking.

A felt caterpillar with a red ribbon on her head. 3.5 inches length.

Oct 11, 2007

Book jacket

Made a book jacket of felt.
Felt is easy to sew because it does not fray at the cut end.
Book jacket

It needs the margin of the length a little.
The right side is tapered.
Cut felt

Fold the left side and stitch around the hem.
Sew 2 ribbons. One is a bookmark. Another is a holder of turnup.
Attach ribbons

Put on the book

Sep 30, 2007

Tissue cover

Why not cover a simple tissue paper box with a handkerchief?
The hankie is not cut, so you can restore it as before.

I used marking pins. Because I would unwrap it soon.
But it may be danger. Use safety pin, or sew it roughly.

Place a box on diagonally.
Laura Ashley handkerchief

Wrap and spread.

Twist a corner to be like a flower.

This is a Nina Rich handkerchief.
Place a box

Fold the hanky and place a box on.

Wrap the box and spread the sides.

Sep 28, 2007


Kokeshi is traditional folk toy in Japan.
It is a wooden doll with globular head and cylinder body. It has no limb.
The features and clothes are painted.

There are old kokeshi in my family home.
Some have pinecone bodies.

Aug 26, 2007

Camera pouch

A pouch of quilted cloth.
Refer to How to make a pouch for making.

Measure your digital camera. Plus 1.5 - 2 inches for margin. Plus 1/4 " for seam allowance.
Fine fabric is good for a lining.

This quilt cloth is the same as Nekomimi hanten.

Aug 21, 2007


Kinchaku is a pouch which opening we tie with two strings.
We put in various things --- cosmetics, fancy goods, lingerie, lunch, confection, stationery, sewing kit, and so on.

How to make a pouch.

Aug 13, 2007


When you walk in business quarters, you will be handed various PR goods --- mini tissue, ball-point pen, candies, coffee whitener, sample of sanitary napkin, and uchiwa.

Uchiwa is a kind of Japanese fan.
Traditional uchiwa is made of wood and paper.
This is a plastic bone.

It's not that I want to advertise Yahoo in the town.
So I changed its cover.

First, soak it in water, and remove paper.
Second, glue a handkerchief or paper etc. on the bone (both sides).
Last, trim off an excess.

Jul 16, 2007


We hear that female mantis eats male after mating.

But the truth is more horrible. It's not only after.
She sometimes eats her husband before or during mating.

If so, the wedding will be aborted.

Don't worry. Insects are tough.
The bride starts to bite food from the head.
A headless mantis can mate. And even if he loses the head and the breast, it is possible for a while.

Praying mantis of light green felt.
Wires are in the limbs.
stuffed mantis

Jul 11, 2007

Safe clothes

I have no kid.
I didn't know regulations about children's clothes until reading today's paper.
There are some dangerous parts, for example, a hood, strings or fasteners.
String may hang a baby.

In Japan, there is not any rule.
In Europe, the regulation seems strict.

Sometimes I make kids' clothes. All are for life-size dolls.
I posted them on my sewing site. Some of my clothes are bad for kids.

If you make clothes for your kid, you should replace strings by Velcro etc.

baby wear
This is for a doll.
Making this cape.