Jul 11, 2007

Safe clothes

I have no kid.
I didn't know regulations about children's clothes until reading today's paper.
There are some dangerous parts, for example, a hood, strings or fasteners.
String may hang a baby.

In Japan, there is not any rule.
In Europe, the regulation seems strict.

Sometimes I make kids' clothes. All are for life-size dolls.
I posted them on my sewing site. Some of my clothes are bad for kids.

If you make clothes for your kid, you should replace strings by Velcro etc.

baby wear
This is for a doll.
Making this cape.


Anonymous said...

aww it is the same in england :)

Chris said...

Thanks for the reminders that kids' clothes should be safe for them. My child, Averie, loves wearing skirts and blouses. That's why it isn't difficult for me to check on her safety while wearing her clothes.

On the other hand, she loves dolls too. Her collection of American girl doll clothes, American girl dolls, clothes and accessories prove such fondness.