Sep 15, 2014

Snow girl

Girl version of snowman. 20 centimeters.
Snow girl

Though she may not be cute, if you make a boyfriend for her, she'll be happy.
Snow girl and snowman

Each part needs seam allowance.
I used polyester fleece which is stretch just a little.

Sew the body and legs.
Stuff, and put them together.
Sew bodyOutsideLegsStuffingBody

Make the head.
Stick 2 sheets of felt together, and cut out twigs.
Parts of head

Sew up the middle (a-b,c-d, and e-d).
Don't sew b-c. It's the opening.

Sew around the face (d-f-d) with twigs together.
Sew head

Turn inside out. Stuff it with polyester fiberfill.
Stuff head and nose

Stitch the nose, and attach it on the face. Embroider the mouth.
Attach nose

Glue the eyes and brows.
Stitch the head to the chest.
FaceAttach head

The arms don't need seam allowance.
Glue the fingers together.
Put a wire which is wrapped with thin cotton batting. Sew the arm line.
ArmsSew arm

Make a hole on the shoulder, stick the wire, and stitch the arm.
Attach arm

Glue the buttons of felt.