Nov 27, 2009

Fashion doll

Small dolls which have exchangeable hair and clothes.
Each 15cm tall.
Mini dolls

You don't need a sewing machine.
Maybe kids can do.

Making is almost the same as mini cat.
Materials are felt, polyester fiberfill, beads and threads.


Sew the head

Sew beads for eyes. The mouth is embroidery thread.
Its body is flat.

The back is open.
Clothes back

Boy and girl

If you have interest, here are patterns.
I hope you make clothes by your own design.

Other clothes.

Boys wig:

Nov 4, 2009

White cat

Simple stuffed cat which is trial work. 19 centimetres height.
Its head is almost the same as Ragdoll kitten, and the body is similar as terry cat.

White cat

I put polyethylene wires in it. And it can stand and sit or lie.



Blue eyes

An aluminium wire is easy to be bent, but it often break. Broken wires are dangerous.
Polyethylene rarely snaps. But it is difficult to keep bending.

So I've put both in Norwegian Forest Cat.