Nov 4, 2009

White cat

Simple stuffed cat which is trial work. 19 centimetres height.
Its head is almost the same as Ragdoll kitten, and the body is similar as terry cat.

White cat

I put polyethylene wires in it. And it can stand and sit or lie.



Blue eyes

An aluminium wire is easy to be bent, but it often break. Broken wires are dangerous.
Polyethylene rarely snaps. But it is difficult to keep bending.

So I've put both in Norwegian Forest Cat.


Françoise said...

Thank you very mutch!!

Hana said...

It's pretty, and I love how it's poseable!
I'm about to use your ragdoll kitten pattern soon... thank you very much for it, because it's exactly what I envisioned years ago. Not I finally have the fabric to use.

Fuzzy Catz said...

Love it, think I'm gonna make one, but first I'll make a ferret.^^

Marcia said...

I just discovered your page. Your cats are beautiful. I would like to make the Norwegian Forest Cat. Would you please show the pattern for the Norwegian Forest Cat? Thank you very much for beautiful patterns. I made zebra and giraffe. They are beautiful. You have great talent.

Anonymous said...

Your creations are magnificent. To make this cat, I just follow instructions on how to make ragdoll kitten's head, and terry cat's body. Am I right? Thank you so much for the idea.