May 14, 2013


The last necessary thing for her is a cap.
Doll with basket

Cut felt cloth. Seam allowances is 5 millimeters. But the hem doesn't need margin.

Sew the hood. Make gathers the bottom of the hood. Sew it to the cape.
Sew the hood

Attach ribbons. Stitch lace or frill if you like.

And she becomes Little Red Riding Hood.
Doll in red hood

Back style

When using ordinary cloth, add margin and facing.
Another hood

Little Red Riding Hood
She loitered and picked flowers.

Cape with hood pattern.

Contents of this doll:
Head making of simple felt doll.
Body making.
Body finish.
Bodice and apron.

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May 13, 2013

Paper basket

Why not weave a small basket?

Material is thin and strong paper (30 centimeter square). Japanese paper is good.
Divide it in twelve.

Make a long tape with glue.

Twist the tape. A tape of 30 cm will be 26-27 cm cord.

Cut off 3 bases. A base is 13 cm. Also the end of the longer cord is a base and a handle.

Now I change the color of bases to show the process clearer.
Start weaving


The bases don't spread uniformly.

Weave the side.

Cut the excess of the bases except 2. Glue the ends of the bases to the top line of the basket. Glue both ends of 2 bases. It is a handle.
Cut bases

Wind the handle with the cord.
Make the handle

Wind the edge of the basket with the rest of cord. Glue the end of the cord to inside.

Diameter is 4.5 centimeters.

When increasing the bases, it will be strong a little.
11 bases

Basket and handle

Glue the handle.
Wind the handle

Basket with lid

Baskets of various colors

Paper basket is rough and weak. It's only an accessory for doll.
Doll with the basket

If using a ready-made cord, you will make stronger one easily.

May 11, 2013

Bodice and apron

This bodice is easy.
Cut felt without seam allowance.
Punch eyelets. Put glue on the edge of eyelets.
Bodice cutting

Sew the shoulders from outside.
Sew shoulder

Put on. Lace up the front.
Lace up

The strip cloth is 4 cm × 60 cm (includes margin).
Apron parts

Sew lace to the apron. Make gather. Sew it to the strip. The waistband is 8 centimeters.
Sew strip

Fold and stitch the strip.
Stitch strip


Pattern of the dress, bodice and apron.

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May 10, 2013


The short boots of felt for simple felt doll.

It doesn't need seam allowance.
Cut instep and sole.
Punch eyelets. Put a little glue on the edge of eyelets to reinforce.
Boots cutting

Stitch the front (A-B). Stitch the sole to the instep.
Sew boot

Tie a shoestring (about 20 centimeters).

Doll in boots

Other shoes.
Make small gathers on the toe. Stitch the sole to the instep.
Make shoe



Pattern of leg and shoes.

May 8, 2013

Dress making

One-piece dress for simple felt doll.
This is an example. You will make one in your way.

Add seam allowance (4 or 5 millimeters). But the opening of the back needs 13 millimeters.
Skirt is larger than the petticoat a little. Skirt includes margin.
Pieces of dress

Sew up the shoulder and side.
Put notches in the margin of the side.
Sew sides

Gather the skirt and sew it to the waist.
Fold and stitch the bottom of skirt and cuffs.
Sew skirt


Sew some gathered lace to the neckline.
Attach snaps.
Lace and snaps

Doll in dress

Dress pattern.

May 7, 2013


Today, I make pants and petticoat for this doll.
Felt doll

Pants are made of 2 rectangles. Seam allowance is included.
Sew lace to the bottom.
Cotton cloth and lace

Sew up A to B.
Sew pants

Put the seam to the middle. Sew up the thigh (B-C).
Sew thigh

Pass through elastic cords in the waist and bottom, or make shirring with elastic threads.


Doll in pants

Sew petticoat


Doll puts on petticoat

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