Aug 26, 2007

Camera pouch

A pouch of quilted cloth.
Refer to How to make a pouch for making.

Measure your digital camera. Plus 1.5 - 2 inches for margin. Plus 1/4 " for seam allowance.
Fine fabric is good for a lining.

This quilt cloth is the same as Nekomimi hanten.

Aug 21, 2007


Kinchaku is a pouch which opening we tie with two strings.
We put in various things --- cosmetics, fancy goods, lingerie, lunch, confection, stationery, sewing kit, and so on.

How to make a pouch.

Aug 13, 2007


When you walk in business quarters, you will be handed various PR goods --- mini tissue, ball-point pen, candies, coffee whitener, sample of sanitary napkin, and uchiwa.

Uchiwa is a kind of Japanese fan.
Traditional uchiwa is made of wood and paper.
This is a plastic bone.

It's not that I want to advertise Yahoo in the town.
So I changed its cover.

First, soak it in water, and remove paper.
Second, glue a handkerchief or paper etc. on the bone (both sides).
Last, trim off an excess.