Sep 30, 2007

Tissue cover

Why not cover a simple tissue paper box with a handkerchief?
The hankie is not cut, so you can restore it as before.

I used marking pins. Because I would unwrap it soon.
But it may be danger. Use safety pin, or sew it roughly.

Place a box on diagonally.
Laura Ashley handkerchief

Wrap and spread.

Twist a corner to be like a flower.

This is a Nina Rich handkerchief.
Place a box

Fold the hanky and place a box on.

Wrap the box and spread the sides.

Sep 28, 2007


Kokeshi is traditional folk toy in Japan.
It is a wooden doll with globular head and cylinder body. It has no limb.
The features and clothes are painted.

There are old kokeshi in my family home.
Some have pinecone bodies.