Oct 23, 2007


Hand-stitched felt mascot, Stitch.

This has flat body. 10 centimetres.
I got the pattern from a book. I don't have copyright.

Oct 21, 2007

Pumpkin pincushion

Jack-o'-lantern pincushion of felt.
Pumpkin pincushion

The pattern is slimmer than snowman.
Use 6 pieces.

Sew up 2 front pieces.
Patch a small piece at every hole of eyes and mouth and stitch around.
Make face


Make a globe with 6 pieces. Turn inside out and stuff polyester fiberfill in it. Close the opening.

Stitch and pull the center with a thick thread.

Roll a green piece of felt and stitch it on the crown. This is a stem.

If you think holes are difficult, make applique.
Jack-o'-lantern pincushion

Oct 19, 2007

Jaffa cake

Once I visited London.
I had heard that there is not delicious food in England.
I didn't think it was truth. I found Jaffa cakes.

In my country, it is difficult to get Jaffa cakes.
Perhaps I can buy one at an import shop, but it must be high.
And I need to diet.

I made Jaffa and cookies of felt, eat them by eyes.

Oct 12, 2007

Weak knife

The other day, I tried to remove a core (stalk?) of a cabbage.
I stuck a kitchen knife into the cabbage. When I pulled it out, I saw the tip of the edge disappeared.
I could not find the fragment after all. Is it in my stomach?
Anyway a tip of knife is not so necessary for cooking.

A felt caterpillar with a red ribbon on her head. 3.5 inches length.

Oct 11, 2007

Book jacket

Made a book jacket of felt.
Felt is easy to sew because it does not fray at the cut end.
Book jacket

It needs the margin of the length a little.
The right side is tapered.
Cut felt

Fold the left side and stitch around the hem.
Sew 2 ribbons. One is a bookmark. Another is a holder of turnup.
Attach ribbons

Put on the book