Dec 24, 2007

Pine cone

Xmas trees on cups

Glue colorful beads on a pine cone. It becomes tiny Christmas tree.
Big and symmetrical cone is better.

Dec 17, 2007


Stuffed ferret, 25 centimetre length and 13 cm height.
Furry coat of creme and chocolate, with felt nails.

This is a trial-made ferret.
I think the face and body should be longer.
But the shorter is pretty.

I haven't seen a genuine ferret. But I've seen a lot of books about ferrets.
Generally, a ferret's face seems to be round at the front, and sharp in the profile.

Dec 16, 2007

Origami dog

Origami is traditional craft in Japan.
A piece of paper becomes various things.
Most children know how to make a paper crane.

A dachshund of strong paper.

We can put light things in its back.

There are lot of origami books, but they are difficult to try.