Jan 28, 2008


White-eye is a small bird with yellow green body, whose eye is on a white ground.
Why not make a bird of felt?
White-eye on a twig
This is 10cm length.

Sew the body except the tail. Turn inside out.
Glue the tail and iron it. Then trim it.
Body of felt

The beak doesn't need seam allowance.
Glue it on the top of the face. Some glue makes the beak hard.
Stuff the body with polyesterfiberfill.

Glue white and black circles on the face. You may use beads as eyes.
Cut the wings and glue or sew them.

Wrap a wire with a tape.
Bundle 4 wires together. It is a leg.
Make 2 holes on the belly. Stick the legs.

White-eye pattern


Jan 8, 2008

Mini dog

Tiny Jack Russell terrier of felt. About 4 centimeters.
Mini dog

Pattern of mini dog

Cutting. It needs seam allowance (3 millimeters), except ears.

Sew the head and the body. (j-i)
Sew head

Sew the middle of the body. (a-b, i-h, g-f)
And sew the crown to the head. (i-j-a-j-i)
Sew crown

Sew the speckle of the back. (h-g-h)
Sew back

Sew the belly to the body.
Sew belly

Turn inside out.

Stuff polyester fiberfill.
Close the opening (k-l) with ladder stitch.

Embroider the nose and the mouth.
Attach beads for eyes.
Eyes and nose

Sew the ear to the head.

Sew the tail. Turn inside out.
Sew tail

Stitch the tail to the hip.
Attach tail

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