Jun 27, 2012


Goth-loli dolls of felt. 18 centimeter tall.

Goth-loli (Gothic and Lolita) is a sort of fashion culture of Japanese girls.
It is kawaii (cute) goth.

Basic making is the same way as fashion doll.
The body is slim. I painted eyes and lips with acrylic color.

One-piece dress.

Decorate with lace and ribbon.


How to make locks.
Put glue on the edge of a strip of hair.
Wind the hair around a thin stick.
Dry it with hair dryer or an iron.
Remove the stick.

You may sew the headdress to the wig.


Shoes and boots. The shoelace is an embroidery thread.

It is better if you make peticoat and panties.

How to make panties (very easy).


Jun 6, 2012

Ladybug cushion

Small cushion of a big ladybird beetle.
You may apply this to a pouch.


Sew the darts.

Attach the dots on the back with zigzag stitch or blanket stitch.

Sew a tape or strip of cloth at the middle of the back. You may omit this line.

Sew the head to the back.

Sew the belly to the back.
Sew a fastener at the opening.

Make the inside cushion (same size).


Seven-spotted ladybird beetle is popular in my country.
You may choose any color, any dots.