Nov 2, 2007

Mickey Mouse

Felt mascot of Mickey Mouse. 9.5 centimetres.
It cannot stand.
The making process is the same as Stitch.

I sewed it. But I suspect the merit on making such thing.
It takes much time, and doesn't look so good until getting skills.
Moreover, we can buy cheaper and better goods at a Disney shop.

Its tail is a thread.


Enna said...

It is cute, and it really looks complicated.

anna said...

I disagree about what you can buy at the disney shop. I love the hand stitched look and the love and care it represents. Love your work!

quercus rubra said...

salut l'artiste,

je voudrais te remercier de tes sites si bien contruits que l'on ne se lasse pas de parcourir. Grace à toi mes enfants auront de belles poupées façon Manga, mon fils est fan de Naruto... Quand aux sous vetements pour hommes c'est une idée surprenante mais amusante...Savoir comment se construit un Kimono traditionnel est un grand honneur pour moi... j'aurais aimé avoir le patron du bombay car j'ai le same cat... So, i just feel like congratulate you and saying a big thank's to the great artist named Runo.

Anonymous said...

Well written article.

krystie said...

This is so cute. What did you use for his tail? if you don't mind me asking.