Aug 13, 2019

Morning coat

Cut cloth. Cuff's seam allowance is 1 centimeter. Others have 0.5 centimeters. It is not necessary f-g-h-i of facing.
Cloth cutting

Sew up the shoulder line. Sew up the side.
Sew shoulder line

Sew the under collar to the body (a-b-c-b-a).
Sew under collar

Sew up the facing (c'-f).
Sew facing

Sew the collar to the facing (a'-b'-c'-b'-a').
Sew collar

Sew up the collar and the under collar.
Sew up collars

Sew the facing to the body (a-d-e-d-a). Trim the seam allowance of the collar and lapel to 0.1 - 0.3 cm.
Sew lapel and facing

Turn inside out.

Sew the seam allowance of the neck (a-b-c-b-a) to the seam allowance of the neck (a'-b'-c'-b'-a'). Any stitch is OK. It is hidden.
Stitch seam

Stitch the facing to the seam allowance of the shoulder. (b'-g)
Stitch facing

Sew up the sleeve. Hem the cuff with slip stitches.
Make sleeves

Sew the sleeve to the body.
Slip-stitch the hem of the body (h-i-h).
Sew sleeve

Fold the collar. Make a buttonhole. Sew a button.

Boy doll in morning coat

Morning coat pattern

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Glad to see a new post. I happened upon your site about two years ago and made the panda plush (it was a BIG hit with friends).

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