Aug 10, 2019



An even hat of lace with flowers. I Used a lace of 8cm × 50cm.
Sew both ends and gather up one side.
Material of headdress

Pull the thread. It becomes a circle.
Make a circle

Sew a circle felt (4cm diameter) on the center of the lace.
Sew felt

Attach a hair clip to inside.

Attach imitation flowers around the felt.
Flower ornaments


Fold lace cloth, and sew. Turn inside out.
Sew gloves

If you sew up the tips of gloves, she can hold a bouquet.
Connected gloves
Doll in dress and gloves


Cut instep and sole of felt. Add 0.4 centimeter seam allowance except upper edge.
Felt for a shoe

Sew ornaments to instep.
Flowers on instep

Sew up the back of instep.
Make small gather at the toe.
Gathered toe

Sew the instep to the sole.
Sew the sole

Turn inside out.
Doll's shoes

Pattern of glove and shoe

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