Aug 9, 2019

Long dress making

Pink dress

Simple and easy dress with lace and flowers.

Cut and sew the bodice. Add seam allowance --- upper 5mm, side 10mm and lower 7mm.
Turn inside out.
Sew bodice

I used sheer cotton and lace cloth for a skirt. Use 2 sheets of cloth as 1 sheet.
The length is 14-16cm and the width is 60cm - 70cm (includes seam allowance).
Cloth for skirt

Gather the waist of the skirt.
Make gathers

Sew the skirt to the bodice.
Sew bodice and skirt

Sew up the back of the skirt except upper 2cm.
Sew back of skirt

Fold and stitch the margin.
Stitch margin

Slip-stitch the hem.
Stitch hem

Attach a pair of snaps.

Attach shoulder straps.

Sew imitation flowers on the skirt.
Flowers on skirt



Refer to underwear making.
The length is 11 - 12 centimeters.


Needed stretch lace of 18cm × 4cm.
Overlap both ends and zigzag stitch it.
Stretch lace

Sew up the front and back at the middle of hem.
Sew the middle
Put on

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