Aug 11, 2019

Shirt and vest

Wing collar shirt

Cut cotton cloth. Seam allowance is 0.5cm or 1cm.
Cutting of shirt

Sew up the shoulder of front body and back body.
Sew shoulder

Stitch the hem of the cuff.
Stitch cuff

Sew the underarm.
Sew underarm
Notch the margin

Sew the collar. Cut out. Seam allowance is 0.2 - 0.4cm.
Turn inside out.
Collar making

Sew the collar to the body.
Sew collar

Stitch the front and the bottom of the body.
Stitch hem

Fold the tip of the collar and iron it.
Attach snaps.

Easy vest of felt

Cut felt cloth. Seam allowance is not necessary.
Cut vest

Sew the shoulders with whip-stitches.
Whip shoulder

Make buttonholes and sew buttons. You need not stitch the buttonhole.

Vest of ordinary cloth

Sew up 2 sheets of cloth. Don't sew 3 cm of the bottom. It's the opening.
Sew vest

Cut out.
Cut vest

Turn inside out. Close the opening with ladder stitches.
Outside of vest

Sew the shoulder with ladder stitches.
Sew shoulders

Attach snaps and buttons.
Snap and button

Pattern of shirt and vest

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Gracias por el tutorial!!

Lalka Crochetka said...

thank you for great tutorial - I will try it soon :) I was just looking for something like that!