May 3, 2013

Simple felt doll

Little doll with a round face and big eyes.
It can stand but cannot sit down.

The head making.

Sew up 2 sheets of felt of the head.
Seam allowance is 3-4 millimeters.
Sew head

Turn inside out. Sew the roots of the ears from outside.
Sew ears

Stuff fiberfill in the head. Close the opening with ladder stitch.

Paint features.
Eyes and mouth

It is hard to paint something minute on felt.
I painted the eyes on thin cotton cloth and glued them on the face.
Printed eyes

Sample of eyes

These eyes are buttons.
Another face
Put a circle of white felt under the button, and stitch them on the face.
Glue a small circle of felt as the nose.
Stitch the mouth with a thick thread.
This hair is fur fabric.

Head, body and arm pattern

Next, I will post the body making.


Lærin said...

Greatings from Spain! I love your blog! Your animals in felt are awesome, I'll be waiting the rest of the doll =)

Beth said...

Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing!


Anonymous said...

omg you are amazing! thank you for making your patterns free.

i really enjoyed your site:)

Chrissie said...

Wonderful site. I have started making polar a doll I think. Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

adorable! she's gorgeous!

Saskia Agrang said...

Awesome pattern. I'll definitely use it

Saskia Agrang said... for other plushies

Dwarfshammer said...

Hello from the U.S. What an awesome blog a crafters angel

Micki said...

Hi from the UK I am so happy I found your blog and thank you for being so kind and sharing your patterns I am going to try making one for each of my 6 grandchildren for Christmas if my hands will let me. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi, really nice doll eyes. What paint did you use to paint it please?

Runo said...

I used an Epson printer.

Anonymous said...

I just drew the eyes with markers. It didn't turn out good.

:D said...

Cute doll. Love the eyes! Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

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Sra said...

Do you have instagram?

Runo said...

I don't have instagram.

knitty46 said...

I am wanting to make a doll for my granddaughters. How ever I would love to see the back of the head for the hair. You tutorial is very helpful to me. I would love to see how you do the hair on your doll front and back.
Thank you

Runo said...

To Rhoda.
I put the side hair and spread the bunch from side to back, then glue it on the head.
There are long yarns on the back of her head.

Jeanette Wisdom said...

Hi love the doll thank you for sharing where do I find the legs for this lovely doll many thanks Jeanette x