Oct 26, 2012

Mini panda

Flat mini panda of felt. For phone accessory. 5-6 cm.

The pattern includes seam allowance.

Glue the ears to the head, and legs to the body.
Glue eye patches on the face. Attach 2 beads. Stitch the nose.

Stitch the legs where glued.

Stitch around the body and legs.

Put polyester fiberfill a little.

Fold the tail and sew it to the back.

Stitch around the ears and the head.

Put the neck between the chin. Stitch them together.

Put polyester fiberfill into the head.
Attach a strap if you need.

Colorful pandas.

Ordinary panda. Panda in love. Panda drunken. Panda with jealousy. Panda surprised.


DeAdesign said...

what nice. always with the utmost pleasure I look at Your novelties. thank you, that divided a lesson :)

Lisa said...

This is adorable!
I love all the different versions with their cute facial expressions

Mounette said...

Merci pour le patron de ce petit panda très mignon

bonniezap said...

Your hanging mini pandas are so cute!! And I love your other pandas and mice, too. Have you ever made any like the Gund Snuffles bear? My family is obsessed with snuffles and I can't find Christmas Snuffles ornaments to buy, so maybe I need to make some!

wendy said...

Thank you for all the lovely patterns and instructions. I enjoyed looking at your blog.

Anonymous said...

i love the drunken panda maybe i'll sew him a tankard of beer so people can see him in action. i think these would make great ornaments. thanks for the lovely unique patterns they really help me!
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++ <(*.*)>
+ + /(*O*)\