May 23, 2009

Card case

A credit card case of paper. 10 centimetres × 7 cm.

Thick and strong paper is good. Laminated paper is better.

Cut paper and lining cloth to inside.
Draw the fold lines by scratching with an awl. Make a slit.
Fold cloth and iron it.

Fold paper and glue cloth.

Paper case is cheap and weak.
It's easy and unexpensive. You can make various cases and use always new one.

This leather case has a partition.
I used thick leather for outside, thin leather for lining.

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Ana K... said...

I´m mexican
I love your work!!!
it´s amazing
I wanted to thank you
for sharing your patterns and knowledge!!!

I'm also making a tall boy

his name is Franz,

I would love to send you a picture
of him when I finish

(Its the first time I tried to make one, so I hope it works)
sorry for my poor english jejeje