Apr 23, 2008

Fake Bunka doll

I have made several Bunka dolls.
Strictly speaking, they are not Bunka dolls.

Bunka doll is traditional thing.
There is the orthodox way on Bunka doll making.
Genuine Bunka doll's body is hard. Its clothes and bonnet are sewed to the body.

My Bunka dolls are soft. They are, as it were, enlarged "mini doll".
I use irregular method. I must not open it to the public.

You are free to make one in your own way.
Bunka doll has a characteristic face.
Whatever doll that has such features may be called Bunka doll (in broad sense).


Anonymous said...

I've looked at other Bunka dolls, after seeing yours first, and I enjoy yours far more. I'm inspired to design and sew my own from yours, a nice soft doll sounds nice!

Fainne said...

I love this! These dolls are very cute.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for using slang in my earlier message, I would take care of it from now on.

CeeLeo said...

You say you do not sew very well because you are self-taught. I think that you have taught yourself very well. Your dolls are wonderful! I want to make some for my granddaughter Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I loved your dolls, and all the kind help you give people by teachin them in your site.
im gonna try one doll to give to my lover, i hope i get along with this.

thank yu very much and congrats.

Joyce said...

thanks for sharing your doll!!! even if it's unorthodox, it's still super cute :)