Apr 26, 2008


Kids, why not sew a simple apron for mother or father?

The unit is centimeter. 1 cm is 0.4 inches.
Apron drawing

Cut a rectangle cloth. Remove 2 corners.
Stitch the lower hem.
Fold the lower hem for pockets.
Stitch around.

Make holes and attach eyelet rings.
Pass through cords.

This is iron transfer print.
Printed Inuysha

This has a patched pocket.
Denim apron

The reverse.
Star print


Fabler said...

Ooh! An Inuyasha apron! Kawaii~!

Anonymous said...

Are you okay? We miss you! You don't have to make anything, we just want to know you are okay :)
Hugs from a fan :)

annapaola said...

very beatiful blog, work and tutorial :-))
anna paola

Anonymous said...

Hope you are okay? Miss you! Maybe just peak in to say hi ;)? :)

Unknown said...

Oh you're so talented! Maybe I will make one for my mom :)

Anonymous said...

Hello from Canada! I just discovered your site and your blog and I'm amazed by your work. It is so generous of you to share with us your knowledge, thank you very much !

High Quality Affordable Bib said...

Thanks for sharing this tutorial! I am now actually following the steps in making my own hand made waist apron.

Angie said...

I adore Innuyasha!!!!!!!!

High Quality Affordable Bib said...

If i will be using an anime character in my personal design i would be using "Maid Latte" there you have the girls wearing their waist apron which really made the more attractive.

MLB2k11 said...

Thanks for the post. Very informative.

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