Mar 20, 2008

Trash mountain

Materials for stuffed animals are expensive.
So more often than not, I make some trial things with cheap fabric. This is important process.

They are funny. I have no talent, but endeavour.

Maybe cats.

Not whippet. It was Kishu dog.

Dying horse.

Flying squirrel, hamsters, ermine, ferret head, rabbits.

During making one in practice, I alter the pattern again and again.
When it is done, the pattern is broken, or there are lots of fragments of ex-patterns.
I don't care. Because I hardly make the same thing.

Heads of Newfoundland and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Newfoundland has been done, but still has problems.

Addition (3/23):
I use flannelet or polyester fleece for those experiments.


Enna said...

Did you use a simple cotton for those experiments? That is what I use when I am making clothes for my dolls or any other scraps that I find. About the patterns, I always draw a new pattern when I have to change the original one. It is much more work than simply cutting up the old one, but especially for clothe I need those patterns more than once. I made sample clothe for each clothe pattern, too. If I need a shirt or trousers for a new doll I can use those sample clothes to see if the pattern fits.

Anonymous said...

I think you are too hard on yourself sometimes! I love all of your animals, I do have favorites, like this time, the bunny is my favorite! Sometimes we can find fabrics in yarnsales or use old clothes from the Salvation Army store or closet yard sales. I have seen some toy makers use the plain muslin fabric first then sew the fake fur over top of it.

You are so creative!

Amanda said...

Thank you for this post! It's so interesting to me to see the middle steps, not just the finished product. And it makes me feel better about all of my "middle steps", many of which don't make it to a finished product.

Neide said...

Hi. I was looking around and found your blog. You have beautiful things. I loved the animals.
I will return to see your older posts.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Nuno!

Keep up the fantastic work with your dolls and projects. I know how it must feel to make mistakes, specially with cloth and stuffing. But I think we can agree that they were good learning experiences, because they helped you improve your patterns and designs. I've written a short blog post on your doll site and linked to you. Hope you don't mind. ^_^

From a growing fan, sugoi! ganbatte ne!

BopBop said...

Your so funny. I think your work is lovely. And it's great to see the steps you take to make a finished product. It makes me feel better becasue I do the same thing!
Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Nuno, you have inspired me beyond comprehension!! I have so many projects in mind now! Thank you very much.

I would love to take your bunnies that you made, and keep them in my small rabbit plushie collection! I love rabbits. I even have a black rabbit plushie I found at a cosignment market.

Anonymous said...

Hi i love your talent and your stuffed animals, there's any chance i can have the patterns of some of them?

Anonymous said... are HUGELY talented and creative...and apparently very patient, too! I had bookmarked your doll blog a while back and just revisited it. I want to show it to my daughter....she loves anime and art but only wants to sew plushies, etc...not clothes. :-( But I would still be glad for her to sew AT ALL...she's already 14!!!! Sigh. Thanks again and BEST OF LUCK.

Do you have a 'bio' of yourself we may see? Please do not be so modest!!! An Ohio Mom

Anonymous said...

I love the flying squirrel!
I've been trying to figure out the best way to make my own sugar glider
I'm still a beginner sewer though, and I'm doing everything by hand.
Keep on making stuff, I love it!

Goggles said...

I think *all* your work is beautiful! I made some dolls using your instructions and use them to practise making miniature clothes before I make full-size ones for me to wear.
Thanks for making the patterns available so we can all try to make such nice things too! :)