Mar 5, 2008


This black cat was made with enlarged pattern of ragdoll kitten.

I've made 20 stuffed cats. But nothing of them is satisfactory.

Cat making is not so difficult. To make the face cute is difficult.
I don't think that the pattern is bad.

The balance of eyes, ears and nose makes the impression of the cat.
I need more trial and error.

There are a lot of cat toys at shops. It is hard to find a really cute cat.
Difficulty is not only on me.

A cat of human type.

Unreal cat is easier to make features.


Enna said...

Both cats are adorable and cute. Great job.

Anonymous said...

I like both cats too!! Both are adorable!! I think you are too hard on yourself! I wish I had half of the talent that you have. I would love to take lessons from you about how to go about creating a stuffed animal and making it into a realistic looking three dimensional toy. I am not rich and cannot come to your country to take lessons. Perhaps one day you will write a book and maybe I can buy it then and try my hand at creating hamsters and dogs and cats and other creatures! Fan of Runo!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your advices to make the bombay. I also feel like thanking you for your sewing lessons.Instead of it i've maid dolls for my two childs whitch are fan of manga and Japanese traditions.

I'm a French fan whitch dream in toys paradise.... Merci beaucoup au grand artiste!!! MAM'SOIZE.

Anonymous said...

Dear runo,
Thank you for all you share.
I've made severals dolls whith your dolls patterns.My doll's pictures are on your guest doll's section.i have not your talent, so excuse me for the imperfections.I love your bombay cat because i have the same in reality... thank's for your advices. your a great artist. By Quercus Rubra...

Anonymous said...

Hi Nuno
I saw your website first and now your blog, you are really fantastic!!! Thank you very much for sharing! I will try to make one of your dolls!

Maria del Valle
From Spain

Anonymous said...

omg they are beutiful!!!! i love them

Anonymous said...

Try darker eyes. A stuffed cat is going to seem more relaxed than a live cat, so it needs darker eyes. Bright eyes make it look strange, like it is always excited (and that doesn't make sense for a cat that isn't going to move ever).
Brighter eyes only work with cartoon/human style cats, because the strangeness is ok with those kind.
Good luck!

Unknown said...

I REALLY wish I could buy this black cat. He's perfect and looks like my little boy who died, Dave. My daughter is 6 and she cried so much - still does. I want to get her this for her birthday. Do you sell them????

Josephine said...

Hello where i can buy the bombay cat?

Anonymous said...

Hello, do you sell the black cat stuffed animals? And if so where can I get it?

Runo said...

I don't sell. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I love it ������

Isabel said...

How can I find the pattern of the black cat. My daughter just lost her cat
Thank you

Runo said...

There are several patterns of cats.
How to make stuffed toys

Anapinturas said...

Onde consigo os moldes?