May 16, 2007

Bunka doll

This is my first Bunka doll. 58 cm tall.

Bunka doll in chirimen dressBunka doll

Bunka doll has an orthodox method of making. But I don't know it.
So I made it in my original way. This is a fake Bunka.

Bunka doll is a sort of Japanese doll.
Not so traditional.
I heard that Bunka dolls are very popular in 1920 - 1960.

'Bunka' means 'culture'. I don't know the origin of the name.
In that time, people must have admired foreign dolls and wanted to make European dolls by their own.
Bunka dolls are never clad in kimono. Every doll puts on bonnet and one-piece dress.

Funny face is like Betty Boop, isn't it?

Now Bunka doll is also loved as retrospective item.
Maybe you think they are cute.


Anonymous said...

I love love love your dolls!!!!\i am so happy I found your blog.I love the bunka dolls!!!!
Many many greetings from Holland and hope to see much more of your crafts!!!
xoxo Dees

Anonymous said...

Wonderful dolls. Love them all. You have much talent. Greetings from Georgia, USA. I would really like to make the Bunka doll. The fabric you have is beautiful. Thank you for putting so many patterns up for us.

Anonymous said...

omg she is adorable! Is there a pattern available for her?!

Love all your creations.

Jess said...

your bunka doll is very cute, i love bunka doll too, can you email me the pattern?

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhh I've always loved your work! and I've wanted to learn to make a bunka doll for ages...(I'm a lurker and your site is saved to my favorites) can you email me the pattern?
my e-mail is:

Anonymous said...

i love all your dolls, especially your anime dolls! I went to your other website and im trying to sew a NekoMimi doll, but a little diffrent from the pink one. IM going to make "Chii" from chobits, wish me luck!

keep updating your blog, it rocks!

Anonymous said...

i luv your toys and thaaaaaaaaaank uuuuuu 4 sharing them

Anonymous said...

forgot to mention that ur site is added to my favourites

Brenda said...

I adore your blog. You are so talented. Your cats are so realistic.

Anonymous said...

I thank you for sharing your art. It is amazing.

Gypsy Bunny said...

I just came across your bunka doll. I must say its the cutes thing ever I have been wanting to make a bunka doll for a while and I was wondering if you could email me the pattern.

My email:

Please and Thank You very much

Bel said...

Obrigado por tudo adprei seu blog, estava precisando de ganhar dinheiro com alguma coisa, e encontrei seu blog, pois estou desempregada, e essa idéas veio a calhar obrigado