Jan 16, 2016

Bull terrier

White bull terrier with black spot which is hand-painted.
5 centimeters in height. 5 grams in weight.

Bull terrier

The pattern doesn't include seam allowance.


Sew the darts of the hips. (c-d)
Sew dart

Sew the crown to the head. (b-a-b)
And sew up the back. (b-c-e)
Sew head

Sew the belly to the body. (e-f-g-h-i-j-a-j-i-h-g-f-e)

Turn inside out from the opening. (k-l)

Stuff polyester fiberfill in it.
Close the opening with ladder stitches.

If you like, paint with a felt-tip pen.
Embroider the nose and the mouth.
Sew the beads.

Sew the ear. Turn inside out.
Close the opening with ladder stitches.
Stitch the ear on the head.
Sew ears
Attach ear

Fold the tail and sew it.
Turn inside out. Attach the tail to the hip.
Attach tail

Put rouge around the nose.

Miniature bull terrier
Bull terrier


Birko said...

Very cute! Thank you!

eska said...


Ângela said...

I like very much

Country Bull`s said...

lindo amei parabens

Anonymous said...

What is the material used for this please.. very cute

Runo said...

I used imitation suede (maybe polyester).
> What is the material used for this please.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting these, just found your site and very excited to try out these cute doggos!

Unknown said...

Lindo amei