Mar 21, 2013

Mini fox

A simple, flat and easy fox of felt. 6 centimeters.
Fox with a leaf

Cut each piece without seam allowance.
Fox felt

Sew around the body.
Body sewing

Put a little fiberfill in it.

Stitch the leg lines.
Leg stitch

Stitch the eyes. You may use beads.

Sew up the head. Attach a string if you need.
Head sewing

Put the neck between the head and sew.
Head and body
Put fiberfill into the head.

Paint the cheek and the tip of the tail with white acrylic.
Do the nose with black pen.
Paint cheek

A leaf.

In Japanese folk tales, leaves are important things for foxes.
A fox puts a leaf on the head and he does somersault, then transforms into anything.
When a fox deceives human beings, he makes leaves pretend coins.
A fox girl adorns her head with maple leaves.

American fox is red.
Red fox

African fox has big ears.
Small fox

If you would like to make a stuffed fennec --- How to make stuffed fennec

Pattern of mini fox.
Fox pattern


galatea said...

So pretty!!
I love foxes! thank you for posting the photos and the patterns.

Jenny Squawk said...

Very cute fox.

Beth said...

Delightful! Thank you very much for the pattern.


fizzycat said...

Very nice foxes.

Amy said...

These are amazing. Thanks for posting them

Amy x

mAtilda said...

Grazie, è bellissima, come tutte le tue cose.
saluti, mAtilda

thanks. it's a beautiful, like all yours staff.

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