Feb 19, 2012


Big-eyed fawn like Bambi. 10 centimeter tall.
Not exactly Bambi. The face is my taste.
Stuffed Bambi

The main materials are felt and polyester fiberfill.

Cutting. It doesn't need seam allowance.

Sew the inside legs to the belly. These parts are sewed from inside.
Sew inside legs

Belly and legs

Sew the muzzle to the crown (C - O - C). Sew outside.

Back stitch the dart (M - N) of the crown from inside.

Sew undernose (A - K).
Sew the belly to the body (E - F - G - H  - I - J - K - J - I - H - G - F - E).
Sew legs

Sew the crown and the back to the body (D - C - B - A - B - C - D - E - L - E).
Sew back


The tail's parts have different sizes. Make gathers on the bigger side.
This is the tail.

Put polyester fiberfill in the body and close the opening.

Embroider the nose.
Paint eyes on thin cloth or non-woven fabric.
Cut out and glue them on the face.

Stitch the ear and paint its top. Then fold in half.

Stitch the ears to the head.

Paint spots of the back with acrylic color.
Paint the toes with felt-tip pen.

You will make your original eyes.

Bambi pattern

Felt Bambi

If you like to make an ordinary fawn, see this page.
How to make stuffed fawn


Papgena Made It said...

my daughter wish to say that she loves this! (she's five so I have to write for her!) :D

Unknown said...

I love your blog and patterns and am sorry that you felt undervalued for your work.
I hope to see you here lots in the future. I thought your pomeranian looked great I hope you work out what is bothering you about it.

Beth said...

Very delightful work! Your animals are always wonderful; thank you for sharing with us :-)


Socorro Oliveira said...

amo seu blog,visito todos os dias.
olha o meu ficarei muito feliz.

Claudia/Ompompali said...

Thank you so much for this pattern. It is such a cute bambi and i will try one soon. Wishing you a good day from Germany

Christine L said...

You are so generous to share your patterns. You are very talented. Thank you.

AllemaalMama said...

Thank you for sharing! My Kids are crazy about Bambi. Most pattern don't even look like a real Bambi! But this one does!

You're fantastic!

With love, Anna.

Anonymous said...

So generous and creative you are! Thanks a lot for sharing.

Ann said...

Thank you so much for the patterns. I enjoy your blog very much!

meggiecat said...

So darling and just what I was looking for. Thank you very much

Unknown said...

I love bambi