Mar 22, 2010


Stuffed penguin which is made of felt. Its eyes are wood beads.
8 centimetre tall.

Cut cloth without seam allowance.
Penguin parts

Sew the darts of the head.
Only darts are sewed from inside.

About sewing, refer to mini Santa.
You may use blanket stitch too.
If you mind the seam, use a transparent thread.

Feet and bill.
Penguin foot

Sew the bill to the head.

Stuff polyester fiberfill.

Penguin of felt

Penguin pattern


Libélula Noivos said...

Oi !
Eu não entendo muito bem Inglês então eu tenho esprança que traduza.
Acho seu blog fantástico!!!!!
Parabéns e sou muito sua fã!!!

Libélula said...

Aww, what a cutie! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

Becky J. said...

I love the penguin! perfectly simple and wonderful.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this awesome penguin template!

Anonymous said...

adapted it to make a robin, Fantastic!

EnglishGinger said...

Now this is perfect for me to make a penguin for christmas decoration! So Cute!

Unknown said...

This little penguin is super cute and adorable! I love the pattern! Thanks for sharing! It was featured here:

Unknown said...

Pattern image is not shown .plzzzzzz give me the pattern of penguin

Unknown said...

Please give me the pattern of penguin particular part in A4 size paper