Sep 18, 2009

Skunk cabbage

I think that flower of skunk cabbage is cute.
I heard it has stench. But I don't know how it smells.
I have seen only its pictures.

Skunk cabbage
Skunk cabbage of felt.

Calla (arum lily) is the same kind as skunk cabbage.


Calla becomes wedding bouquet and skunk cabbage is hated.
Pitiable skunk cabbage.

I don't know why it is called "cabbage".

In Japanese, skunk cabbage is "Zazenso".
"Zazen" means Zen meditation. "So" is plant or weed. Also, "so" means priest.
People thought that its flower was like a sitting meditator.

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Monica W said...

It smells a little like skunks, but not as bad.