Jan 20, 2009


An empty box (or can) of cookies or candies is usable as a cabinet for buttons, beads, and other small things.
Such box often has pigeonhole.


If you don't like the patterns of the box, or there is ugly vestige of seal, why not glue beautiful cloth on it?

Chirimen box
A box covered with chirimen (Japanese cloth).


Carla said...

Very beautiful. Wonderful idea.

Hiroshige said...

I was watching your blog and I can say only that your work is incredible and beautiful! Congratulations :-D

Enna said...

What a great idea. It saves money and I can make them look like I want. Thanks a lot for sharing that idea!!

mAtilda said...

che bello trovare il tuo blog. ti ammiro moltissimo e ho realizzato molti tuoi free.
complimenti per il tuo lavoro, matilda
In English:
how nice to find yours blog. I admire to you very many and I have realized many your free. it compliments for your job,

BopBop said...

this is a very clever idea. I did the same thing after seeing your tutorial for my doll supplies. My shelves are very neat.
Thanks for the tip!