Jan 28, 2008


White-eye is a small bird with yellow green body, whose eye is on a white ground.
Why not make a bird of felt?
White-eye on a twig
This is 10cm length.

Sew the body except the tail. Turn inside out.
Glue the tail and iron it. Then trim it.
Body of felt

The beak doesn't need seam allowance.
Glue it on the top of the face. Some glue makes the beak hard.
Stuff the body with polyesterfiberfill.

Glue white and black circles on the face. You may use beads as eyes.
Cut the wings and glue or sew them.

Wrap a wire with a tape.
Bundle 4 wires together. It is a leg.
Make 2 holes on the belly. Stick the legs.

White-eye pattern



BopBop said...

Very cute little bird! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

hello, all that you create is really wonderful, thanks a lot for your explanations !

hippolitta said...

so cute!!!!!!!!!!(:

Ginger said...

Absoulutely cute, I'll have to try to make one. thank you for sharing.

Passionate Dilettante said...

Thanks for this. I'm going to try it soon.

Vero Navarro said...

haring the pattern. I´ll show you the results!!

Anonymous said...

Is so beautiful!Thanks!:) :)

Maria del Valle

Sandi Linn Andersen said...

What a sweet little bird! I think I'll give it a try and make him in blue, then sit him on my window sill. :-)

Abuela Creativa said...

Hermoso pajarito. Gracias por poner los moldes. Saludos

houstonhorses@gmail.com said...

You are very good at pattern making. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Unknown said...

I made this and it turned out AMAZING! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

aww its soo cute! im making it for my little brother for christmas :)
im only fourteen and its very easy! thanks!

Maricruz said...

Gracias!! muchas gracias!! por la explicación y compartir los moldes, trataré de hacerlo con mucha ilusión. Felicidades!! por tu blog

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

all that you make is amazing, sugoi! God bless you.

Larisa said...

Bird seems like alive!

dolène said...

superbes realisations bravoooooooo

dolène said...

trop beau felicitation

BanaBaka Creations said...

Wow Nuno, you are so talented!!! Thank you for sharing your skills with us!!

Anonymous said...

bookmarked!!, I really like your blog!


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