Oct 21, 2007

Pumpkin pincushion

Jack-o'-lantern pincushion of felt.
Pumpkin pincushion

The pattern is slimmer than snowman.
Use 6 pieces.

Sew up 2 front pieces.
Patch a small piece at every hole of eyes and mouth and stitch around.
Make face


Make a globe with 6 pieces. Turn inside out and stuff polyester fiberfill in it. Close the opening.

Stitch and pull the center with a thick thread.

Roll a green piece of felt and stitch it on the crown. This is a stem.

If you think holes are difficult, make applique.
Jack-o'-lantern pincushion


Anonymous said...

Great idea, there are a lot of round fruits one could use for pincushions. And when not in use you could put them on display like a fruitarangement.

Patty said...

Thank you for sharing the pattern! I've made one of your snowman before and now want to make a pumpkin for a friend who loves Halloween.

Kellie said...

I wish I was as creative as you, I am glad that there are people like you the share your talents

Ashley J. said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial! I happened to have everything but the green felt lying around so I made one ^__^

I can't post pictures so here's a link: http://fitforaprincessinc.blogspot.com/

Teresa said...

Thanks so much for this cute little pincushion tutorial. I just couldn't wait to make one for myself.