Dec 11, 2013

Cat variation

I have uploaded "how to make bicolor cat" on my site.

Making this is not very easy.
But it is a basic cat.
When you did well, next time, try to alter the partition by your own.
And you will make your original cat.


Bib and snow shoes.
Socks cat

Long hair.
American curl

Super long hair.
Norwegian Forest Cat

3 cats


DeAdesign said...

the best!!! :) wonderful toys as always

Trisha said...

Thank you! This will make a perfect Christmas present.

ellis animals said...

Well done, it's hard to design cats! I've never seen a buyable pattern as good as yours, so thank you very much for sharing.
I've started to make my first cat more than two years ago and it's still not finished... Maybe I should just use your pattern. :D

MEG said...

Runo-san, These look like what a professional would make. Your skill is top notch!! I am always amazed to see what you make. Thank you always for sharing.